Description of the painting Salvador Dali Warrior

Description of the painting Salvador Dali Warrior

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Peering into these eyes, you involuntarily catch yourself thinking that they are devoid of even the slightest glimpse of the mind. Maybe we have before us a soldier who is distraught from an endless series of murders, deaths and horror, which he saw in a bloody massacre called war. It is possible that this is a fanatical commander who blindly professes only one strategy - the strategy of victory, and no matter how many casualties it turns into.

Such feelings are encompassed when you look at the picture of Salvador Dali's “Warrior”, dated 1982. Where and what did the hero of the canvas look at, who is reflected in his eyes? The enemy, friend, or maybe he himself? Perhaps the warrior looked into his soul and, shocked by what he saw, was no longer able to rest in peace.

It seems that the character of the picture has just stepped over that thin line separating madness and common sense, because, despite the fact that the viewer sees someone in the pupils of a warrior, they still resemble the deep dark wells of human consciousness, where cruelty, a thirst for greatness are hidden and hate.

And suddenly, these are loopholes of an impregnable fortress, from where ruthless shooters are leading, ready at any moment to hit the enemy from a bow or crossbow or pour boiling tar on the enemy’s head? But what if we see the harsh face of the god of war itself appearing through rare clouds on a heavenly background? It has many names - Ares, Mars, but the essence is always the same. It requires a tribute, expressed in the number of lives laid on the altar of battles and battles.

This picture is a reminder of how close people are to bringing their face-to-face encounter with the true nightmare of war through their often unconscious deeds.

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