Description of Francis Bacon's triptych "Three Etudes of Lucian Freud"

Description of Francis Bacon's triptych

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The painter Francis Bacon was born in 1909. His paintings express many different emotions, they are expressive, sometimes even seem cruel, and they cannot be called generally accepted aesthetic standards.

In his works blood spatter, he portrays many ugly, mutilated bodies, distorted human faces. As the artist himself admits, the surrounding reality served as the inspiration for the creation of his works. Bacon always said that it was important for him to depict realism, not beauty. The life of the great English expressionist ended in 1992, he died of a heart attack.

The Francis Bacon Triptych, owned by this Irish painter, depicts his friend Lucien Freud - a famous English artist.

“Three Sketches for the Portrait of Lucian Freud” is scheduled to be put up for auction, due out in November at Christie’s auction house.

The painting “Three Studies by Lucian Freud” was painted by Bacon in 1969, and is one of the most important and best among the author's works.

The triptych is one of the most valuable cult works of this painter and combines two great artists of the 20th century in their relationship. This is a very rare work that was created 25 years after the first meeting between Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, she took part in the world-famous retrospective of Bacon at the Grand Palais in 1971-1972, but this picture was not exhibited before at auction.

The work of this master, according to experts, will probably beat the previous world record for the cost of the work of this painter, which was set in 2008 and amounted to 86 million dollars.

The last great triptych of the artist was put up for auction in 2008. It was possible to sell for $ 86 million. This is one of the author’s later works, from the 70's, which, however, did not have such great significance for his work as Lucien Freud, therefore this triptych will become more commercial and will probably be sold for an amount that will exceed $ 86 million.

The Bacon triptych united 2 figures of fine art of the 20th century. He says that there was a creative and emotional connection between the two artists.

Each head, legs, and arms cut in half - all this was created with the help of a wave of the brush. This is a true masterpiece of the artist, especially in terms of technology, which he preferred to use in this work to create a portrait of his friend.

Painting Martyr

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