Description of the painting Isaac Levitan's “Evening Jingle”

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan's “Evening Jingle”

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Isaac Levitan, a great master of brush and a man with a difficult fate, left a great legacy represented by bright and expressive landscapes.

In 1892, the artist created the painting "Evening Ringing". This painting reflects the impressions that the author received while traveling through holy places on the Volga. The monasteries he saw became the basis of an unusually poetic image, which is consonant with the famous music and poems, the church bell ringing.

The master depicts a sultry summer evening. In the rays of a blazing sunset, a bell ringing is heard inviting to evening prayer. Another, approaching the end of the day brings a pleasant longing and sadness and the expectation of a new day.

Natural solemnity and grandeur are emphasized by a slightly darkening sky with a pinkish haze spread widely over it. Sky high gray stains reflected in a smooth and calm surface of the water.

The river flows widely and calmly between the dark shores, sandy near the water's edge, and further covered with bushes. Pilgrims swim across the smooth water in the boat to the opposite side. They are in a hurry to catch the evening service. On the other side, helpful monks are waiting for them. And two boats with a bored boatman, wooden gangways remained on this shore.

In the clear and calm water, white-stone walls and golden domes of monasteries, a sharp spire of the bell tower are also reflected. The majestic buildings themselves are hidden behind the green trees. Here, as it were, the spiritual and natural principles, which lead to silence and tranquility, merged together.

"Evening ringing" is one of the significant paintings of the great landscape painter. It shows the skill of an experienced painter who knows how to see the beauty of nature and embody it on canvas in colors. Here you can clearly see the mood of the author, his desire for the divine. The artist’s unusually majestic and bewitching spiritual music is transmitted to the viewer.

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