Description of the painting by Fedor Tolstoy “Bouquet of flowers, butterfly and bird”

Description of the painting by Fedor Tolstoy “Bouquet of flowers, butterfly and bird”

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The talent of the Russian painter Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy is multifaceted. The master proved himself in painting, and in graphics, and in sculpture. Especially popular are his incredibly elegant and concise still lifes. The most expressive picture is “A bouquet of flowers, a butterfly and a bird”.

Against a gray background of an unpainted wall, we see a modest bouquet of several plants. He was placed in a transparent glass jug so that all parts of the flowers from the stem to the petals were visible. There are no bright lush roses or dahlias. In the bouquet are simple, simple in shape plants. But they express real natural beauty, not screaming, but modest.

The drawing is as restrained as possible. The author uses natural shades of dark green and highlights key details with bright spots.

In the middle in the foreground was pink with a blue bead in the middle of a cosmea flower. The petals of the flower are drawn so vividly that I want to touch them and feel the smooth cool surface and vein relief.

To the left above all is a red poppy with a white rim, in the middle of which numerous stamens stick out. Below on the right is an orange marigold with a bright yellow core. It is depicted so naturally that you feel its tart smell spreading around the room. Immediately there is a modest, rich blue with left-handed and unpretentiously simple mouse peas.

Next to the bouquet, the master draws representatives of the fauna: a bright butterfly, a caterpillar crawling on a sheet that fell on a table, and a bird sitting on a pencil. If the butterfly is located on a glass vase, closer to the flowers, then the bird, on the contrary, turned away from her, as if she did not care. She is not even interested in the caterpillar, which can be easily profitable.

Perhaps she is more attracted to the beauty of flowers, butterflies, caterpillars that live in nature, and not in a stuffy room. And she looks to where space and real life.

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