Description of the Salvador Dali painting “Cardinal”

Description of the Salvador Dali painting “Cardinal”

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The painting was written in the style of "distance". Only a select few can understand the real idea, the true meaning and purpose of the artist.

The picture, as it were, is divided into two parts: in one gray and nondescript tones predominate, while the other, on the contrary, is full of brightness and forms. The left part of the picture seems to depict the cardinal’s thoughts, his work processes, where he decides: to whom - to live, and to whom - not.

On the right side is a girl illuminated by an orange light. She seems to stand out, but only in forms, even the color scheme for her is chosen the same as the second half of the picture. On the left are workers, in their overwork, on the right is a pretty woman who smiles joyfully, urging workers tired of hard physical labor to rest a bit. Somewhere in the distance, someone is visible. There is no clear image. Around the solid sand, all the same color, only separated from each other by a shadow.

The corner of the wall, which fell apart, divides the space in which the artist’s talent left its mark - a bit strange, but very intelligible meaning of the depicted. Painting with might and main shows the viewer a riot of his capabilities and scope.

The depicted is striking in its realism and tragedy - tired workers and frivolous lady - a bit strange, but carefully thought out plot that makes it clear who and why exists.

Everything that surrounds the workers suggests that there is no other fun in their life than to spend the whole day in dust, dirt and not seeing sunlight. However, the author attaches greater importance to working people, they get more color and paints, but the girl simply merges with the background that surrounds her.

The author seems to be telling us that you should not waste your life in search of comfort, but you should not burrow underground in search of profit. You need to find your middle ground.

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