Description of Claude Monet's painting “Flowers”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Flowers”

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One of the most outstanding and truly great impressionist artists in France to this day is Claude Monet. He was inspired by flowers, he grew flowers, he admired the flowers and of course, of course, he painted them.

Whatever periods of creativity he would have, the only thing that remained the same throughout his life was an unusually strong love of flowers. It is noteworthy that these were mainly flowers that grew in the ground, whether in the garden or in the field, of course, he has paintings on which flowers are cut and placed in a vase, but there are quite a few of them, in comparison with the rest of the collection.

Flowers have always been his unchanging passion. Monet believed that in this life there is nothing more beautiful in the world than two things, the first one is of course painting, and the second one is certainly gardening, and Monet quite successfully combined both of them.

Thanks to what the world saw such beautiful canvases, which are included in albums entitled, “Flowers in a Vase” or “Flowers and Fruits”. What can I say, Monet simply adored the flowers, this can be seen even on the canvases where he depicted his family, surrounded by flowers.

Claude Monet once said that if it were not for the beautiful appearance of the flowers, then perhaps he would not want to capture them on the canvas, for life, and then he would not become one of the artists. While at home, oddly enough, he still devoted most of his time to gardening and only a small part of the painting, although of course this is not noticeable on his canvases and does not in the least reflect.

Most likely, on the contrary, the more he was engaged in gardening, the more traced even the smallest, and seemingly insignificant details became. His last works simply “breathe” his flowers, as if alive, apparently at that time the artist reached his peak of mastery. One has only to wonder how skillfully he could do it.

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