Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "The Storm"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Throughout his life, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky was passionately in love with the sea, painted paintings on the marine theme, became world famous and remained for centuries as an artist who talentedly and uniquely reflected sea landscapes on his canvases. It seems that the artist knew some great mystery, which allowed him to penetrate the innermost depths, to know the very essence of the living and reverent essence of the sea element.

Aivazovsky’s famous, recognizable canvas “Storm on the Sea at Night” does not leave indifferent everyone who has the good fortune to approach him. The lively, exciting, passionate and life-affirming power of the raging elements creates the illusion of the viewer's involvement in the plot of the picture. An amazing combination of shades of color and light, the ultimate concentration of energy and expression creates that amazing symbiosis of painting and music that is rarely possible even by brilliant artists.

Aivazovsky’s painting lives, breathes, sounds, filling the surrounding space with magnificence and horror. When you peer into a moving sea wave, you can hear its distant, muffled, but obvious roar, like the voice of a wild beast.

Aivazovsky through painting creates a hymn to the splendor of natural phenomena, before the onslaught, by the force and inevitability of which a person is a small, miserable ship, banked and ready at any moment to go to the bottom of the sea. But the man is great, despite the insurmountable trials that come out of them with honor. The sinking ship remains undefeated in the picture.

This dramatic battle between man and nature is observed from the height of heaven by the full moon, which appeared among the clouds torn by a storm, like a street lamp. Moonlight adds color and drama to the picture as a whole, fills the palette of the dark night storm with an unusual glow.

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