Description of the painting Sandro Botticelli “Adoration of the Magi”

Description of the painting Sandro Botticelli “Adoration of the Magi”

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Plots of biblical scriptures have always had a hidden meaning and a secret character. Therefore, in the Renaissance, they were interested in many artists, among which there are several popular names - Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. They began to compose compositions from the most famous events described in the Bible. But in this picture, the main acting characters are the wise men who tirelessly worship the baby Christ, who was born of the Holy Virgin Mary. Among the number of people meeting him, people from completely different professions and positions. There are bankers, and many others, so everything suggests that the power of the heir has great power.

In addition, you can see how carefully the mother of Madonna protects her baby, who proudly sits with him in the arms among the ruins and windbreaks. There is some sense here that tells us that the old is behind us, and everything new is opening up before us and people will have to accept all this. But it is no accident that the people were crowding, almost the entire Medici family bears a bow before the newborn. Some members of other noble families are wary of this phenomenon. Poets, artists, writers, thinkers, and even Botticelli himself are all depicted on this canvas. After all, this was one of the traditions of being able to portray oneself in a picture painted in fact.

It is also interesting that the Medici family was the first founder in Florence of the world-famous Brotherhood of the Magi. It is known that not everyone could enter it, and this was done for a reason. All this made it possible to compose processions that did this for the benefit of the whole people.

Bright colors could fully convey the dynamics of the celebration. Therefore, it was impossible to leave such a biblical event without a description, because all this was relevant in those days, to this day.

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