Description of the painting by Marc Chagall “Walk” (Lovers)

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall “Walk” (Lovers)

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Marc Chagall is one of the founders of surrealism and avant-garde in the world of art of the twentieth century. This person is simply an extraordinary person who had the ability to see simple things and present them to the public in such a way as to be participants in his works, and to make even a simple layman of galleries conceive. But special attention was attracted by a picture called "Walk", because many professionals believe that in it he was able to portray himself and his wife.

The main question that is sometimes asked by those who have come across this kind of art for the first time is this: why do the main characters soar in the air and can’t walk like all the other people on earth? The answer will not be long in coming. After all, the main theme in Chagall’s paintings was love, and, therefore, it even inspired them to some extent.

The two characters depicted in the picture, a man and a woman, are very happy to have met and walk along the street together. Indeed, love for two is the highest happiness on earth. Therefore, even a simple walk can turn into an unforgettable flight over houses and buildings. After all, it’s like a metaphor, as if love gives wings.

If you look closely and carefully examine the entire “composition” of the picture, you can see that the artist depicted two forces. On the one hand, this is the land located under the feet of the most depicted Chagall, and on the other hand, the sky in which his wife soars.

Thus, lovers with the wings of love are able to soar in the most different corners of their vast territory. Because of this, they become above all vital and everyday problems, and are able to not notice anything around. If you look at the faces, it is noticeable that their expression betrays happiness and complete serenity, joy and faith in the beautiful. After all, they were able to overcome Earth's gravity with the help of wings and Earth's zero gravity.

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