Description of Claude Monet's painting “By the Sea”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “By the Sea”

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One of the many masterpieces of Claude Monet - the painting "By the Sea" was painted in 1881 in oil painting. It is important to note that the artist was very fond of drawing the sea and this picture is a vivid confirmation of this

In the foreground are gloomy blue, gray, green, dark brown, yellowish waves, slightly rippling seas and massive rocky cliffs. On the almost gently sloping stone coast, white foamy scallops of waves ejected by the restless sea flaunt. And huge rocky cliffs, with a solid fence surround the water element, as if pacifying it.

In the right corner of the picture, the unlimited sea element is a symbol of uncertainty and freedom. And just above the yellowish tones smoothly turn into shades of blue.

The artist probably wanted to capture the changes in the weather: quiet and clear, gradually becoming harsh and cloudy. If you look at the canvas for a long time, there is a clear feeling of cold and even unconscious fear. In principle, the picture does not convey the mood of a bright positive, but rather depresses it with its rather cool and, moreover, gloomy palette of colors. There is some kind of alarm.

Looking at the picture, there is a feeling that a strong sea wind will now fly, the rain will begin and calm waves will lose their former balance and serenity. There are suggestions that Monet may have embodied his personal suffering on the canvas (for example, resentment or sorrow), and therefore the work looks a little gloomy and depressing.

But it attracts with its unusual brilliance and alluring power of freshness: there is some kind of romantic magic in it and the power of raging passions in a sea of ​​feelings, as in the character of a strong personality.

Whatever direction you look at this wonderful landscape, it is breathtaking from the lively dynamics and cold sensuality that it radiates. Here, the strength of the surf is harmoniously combined with the mental state of the author himself.

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