Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova "House of Cards"

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova

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Z.E. A popular work is the painting "House of Cards", which was painted in 1919. In a general way, the picture is a group of children who are passionate about building a house from a deck of cards. Admit that you did this in childhood? Yes, because this is a fascinating and interesting activity.

In this work, the artist wanted to convey all the charm and intrigue of childhood, when children begin to try something themselves, learn something from peers. But on the other hand, we see how anxiety and failure in business can be traced on the faces of schoolchildren. Therefore, here we can see a clash of two ideas with which the author wanted to share.

It is interesting that Serebryakova decided to depict this canvas in cold shades, but why would it suddenly? After all, this was not quite characteristic of her! Some attribute this to the fact that shortly before writing the work, her beloved husband, Boris Anatolyevich, died. Therefore, the woman had to somehow experience this period, just taking all her will into a fist. After all, she had a large family consisting of four children and her old mother. Therefore, the woman conveyed all her sufferings, as well as unfulfilled dreams, and plans. All this was suddenly replaced by harsh reality. Therefore, in this spirit the painting was done.

All we see are children who are addicted to building a house of cards. All of them took this matter quite seriously, so there is tension and perseverance in their facial expressions that will help to reach the end and achieve success. After all, the most dangerous thing is that a lot of effort will be made and all in vain if it breaks so easily.

In this case, the house of cards represents hope and faith in the best, spiritual well-being, which is lacking. And all this can collapse in one moment. Most importantly, everything happened in the life of Serebryakova.

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