Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Peeping"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The great Spanish artist of the 20th century, Salvador Dali, was the most famous and rich in his work, the creator of Spanish art of the specified period. He was truly a master of a completely new direction in art in those years called surrealism, the essence of which he could fully convey through his many works, not only in his paintings, but also in cinema, and in jewelry, and in sculptures, which he did.

In essence, it is the name of Salvador Dali that is directly associated with the direction of surrealism, because most people, when they hear this word, immediately remember the name of the great Spanish master, compared with professionalism and talent with which perhaps one of his teachers, namely Pablo Picasso, who was also distinguished by his outstanding creativity. Just Dali belongs to the famous phrase, which he said after his because of the conflict with other artists and a different approach to the style itself. This phrase sounds like this: "Surrealism is me." Thus, Dali emphasized, and deservedly, the importance of his creative contribution to the development of this genre of art.

Without exception, the works of the great Spanish master literally amaze with the depth of their psychological component, as well as the paradoxical imaginative perception of reality. In addition, they are all filled with pure water of a symbolic component. It is not an exception to the rules and its picture under. the name "Peeping", which was written by the artist in 1921, that is, it was one of his first work, which already managed to make him a famous person.

The plot of the picture is typical for the genre: a man sitting near the window of his house observes his neighbors in their activities, including love affairs, as if symbolizing the interest in the intimate life of other people from one person who, judging by the picture, is lonely. The human features are sharp and sharp, in the foreground we see dull and dark colors, while in the neighborhood, the full-fledged life of other people boils with bright colors.

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