Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Menshikov in Berezovo”

Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Menshikov in Berezovo”

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Surikov painted the painting "Menshikov in Berezovo" in mid-1883. Due to this, he began to be called not only an artist, but also a painter-historian. He was able to accurately display various historical events. So, the painting "Menshikov in Berezovo" depicts one of the most powerful associates of Peter I - Alexander Menshikov. This man really existed. It is known from history that after Peter the Great died, all the awards received earlier were taken from Menshikov, after which he and his family were sent to Siberia, or rather to the city of Berezov.

The artist depicted a small, cramped, uncomfortable room in which not only Alexander, but all his relatives had to spend their days. This room is more like a prison cell than a house for a large family. The ceiling is very low, so it’s rather difficult for a tall person to move around here (and Menshikov was just that). Through a small window, almost no light enters the house. Menshikov's eldest daughter leaned over the book to see at least something. On the shelves are several icons.

Due to cramped conditions, certain movements of people who are in this room are limited. The faces of all are very sad. This Surikov, as it were, emphasizes the hopelessness of human fate. Even the color of the picture increases the tension. There are no bright colors, which further emphasizes the depressed mood of Menshikov.

The plot is based on one evening in the life of the prince. He spends his time with his family. However, each of its members is busy with its own business. The old man, who until recently had everything, now has nothing. On his face is sadness from the surging memories.

In the eyes of children is also only sadness. The eldest daughter reads, but the former prince does not listen to her - he was left alone with his thoughts.

The film reveals the drama of the historical personality of Alexander Menshikov, who lost everything in an instant.

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