Description of Eugene Delacroix's Chopin painting

Description of Eugene Delacroix's Chopin painting

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The unfinished portrait of Frederic Chopin was painted by the French painter Eugene Delacroix in 1838. This portrait occupies far from the most key role in the artist’s work, but at the same time is very interesting for many reasons.

Firstly, this portrait was not created by the author on order, but solely for personal reasons. The thing is that the Polish composer was a close friend of Delacroix, which means that we can see a portrait created by a talented artist who personally knew the object very well and was very warm to him. In addition, the painting depicts a man whose mastery as a composer is at the level of the greatest composers of all time, which undoubtedly causes a certain interest in his personality.

So, in the picture with bold strokes a very charismatic image of Chopin was created. His deep brown eyes are filled with a bright and strong mind, which will give birth to many more musical masterpieces. Courageous cheekbones, a nose with a hump and wavy hair create a single image of a person extraordinary, impetuous and expressive. The hero of the picture is as if in tension from a long posing, because a romantic soul requires activity, immediately create!

In Delacroix, until his death, life was in full swing, the desire to create canvases that would amaze all contemporaries. Perhaps in this he looked like Chopin. And perhaps, these two great people had many similar views on the world and creativity.

The artist painted a large number of portraits, was engaged in monumental painting, and many of his canvases were considered rebellious and too bold ... Because of this opinion in official circles, the greatest master was not allowed to teach his element - art. And among the many paintings of Delacroix, this portrait, which is the most famous among the portraits of Chopin, was never completed, which only makes us assume how amazing this work could become.

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