Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Summer”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Summer”

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The image of a light forest landscape familiar to Levitan. Nature, the Russian forest - from childhood, an image familiar to the viewer.

Over the years, the nature of Russia does not change much. There are still such forests in our villages: with wide untracked meadows of wildflowers, with uncut tall trees, which are full of mushrooms and berries. So Levitan tried on the canvas to convey all the joy of the jubilant nature of summer. Nature lives, in a hurry to live - the summer time is fleeting, alas.

Who would not want to be in such a forest! The viewer will feel the aroma of this meadow: bright cornflowers, porridge, bells, chamomiles ... a sea of ​​flowers: it seems, reach out your hand and collect a bouquet, just like in childhood, or tie a wreath on the head from wildflowers. Find a lake nearby and swim - what a great view there would be around the water.

At a distance, beyond the meadow you can see a forest road - a fairly wide sandy road. Perhaps, infrequently wheelchairs with horses pass through it. It is good to walk along such a path in the summer twilight or in the early morning when the dew in the meadow will tickle bare feet.

Behind a bright, multi-colored meadow stretch lush green trees. A birch stands lonely to the right and a dense shrub grows. And away, beyond the expensive, huge and dense forest - it is full of berries and mushrooms. Which of you did not go to such a forest for mushrooms, for berries. You can meet a squirrel and a hare there. Sit on the grass, lie down, dream, chew a spikelet, look at the sky. Beauty!

The sky is clear, blue, and in places bright blue. A pair of light clouds in the sky only emphasizes the completeness of this landscape; emphasizes its lightness and weightlessness. Observing the picture, you can even feel this fresh forest air and the smell of wildflowers. What a pity that they can’t reach out and reach out to them - at least one such tear - a fragrant piece of untouched nature.

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