Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Fire”

Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Fire”

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The work of the Russian painter Efim Efimovich Volkov “Fire” is very original and unusual.

In general, in the second half of the nineteenth century, the Russian landscape experienced its dawn, largely due to the interest of artists in the life and habitat of an ordinary Russian person, especially a peasant. Volkov also succumbed to this influence and painted many magnificent Russian landscapes. Among representatives of this trend in the Russian landscape, a prominent place is Efim Efimovich Volkov.

The season in the picture is similar to the early winter or its end, we guess this from the low snowdrifts and the shallow rut along which carts rush. They head towards the golden-red fire, turning into scarlet clouds. He has already managed to grow to enormous proportions and spread to many houses, which forces all the villagers to direct their forces to fight him.

Red light falls on houses, snow and people whom we see almost black silhouettes with pinkish contours. In general, corresponding to the name, the main place in the landscape is a bright fire. Unlike him, the snow is grayish blue, and the sky is completely black. But in the whole picture, it is people who are of interest and the reaction of each of them to the fire.

But why did he choose such a state of nature? He was worried not only about the beauty of the Russian land and the cheerful elements of the life of the peasant, but also about the problems that the Russian people faced. The resulting landscape makes the viewer plunge into their atmosphere, in which all the villagers experience not panic, but grief and the desire to help others. This canvas, like many others, confirms the talent of the master painter Volkov, who could depict without frills and embellishment what would excite the viewer, forcing him to empathize with the heroes of the picture.

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