Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova "Northern Territory"

Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova

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Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov, a great Russian painter and landscape painter, recreated the image of the North Ural forests in his famous painting “The Northern Territory”. Communication and an early school of painting for him were the great painters Ilya Repin and older brother Viktor Vasnetsov. The young artist initially decided on the direction in his work, because nature was very close to him. Describing the mighty power of the forest and trees was a pleasure.

The picture shows a thicket that stretches over a thousand kilometers. Bor, like a giant, guards a significant place in the northern region - the river bay. A ray of sunlight greets the leaves on the trees so that they all reach higher towards the sky.

Water flow is the wealth of this forest. He moves so randomly that his eyes do not have time to notice the pebbles that jump from the depths. The shores are covered with green grass, thereby showing their greatness. The movement of water gives life to everything that surrounds it. Halftone of a gray cloud, as if trying to see the depth of the water stream, is reflected in the sunlight. The nature is brilliant. The artist described in detail all the subtleties that exist in the outside world.

A living spring, like a mother feeds animals and vegetation. Shine, which reflects water, carries the secrets of wealth and connection with nature. The transparency of colors, the selected colors give Vasnetsov's masterpiece “Northern Territory” some mystery.

Creativity and the artist’s life are intertwined. The picture explains everything that is not visible. The sunset will go and night will fall, but nature will remain beautiful and rich. The landscape painter showed in this masterpiece a kind of universalism, reflecting the power of natural forces. This picture brought fame to Vasnetsov because it fully reflected the fidelity and realism of his native land.

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