Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin "Spring"

Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin

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Konstantin Korovin is a Russian artist who is considered one of the fathers of impressionism in Russia. He, like Nesterov and Levitan, created vivid, colorful landscapes that easily competed with ordinary everyday scenes and gloomy portraits. His work is still considered a masterpiece. After all, it was not in vain that he was a favorite of Savrasov at the School of Painting.

His work has always reminded that the black bar will someday end. And the whole point is not only in the perfect selection of colors and shades, but also in the landscape energy itself. The painting "Spring", written in 1917, was no exception.

The concept of impressionism first appeared in France at the end of the 19th century. It was French technology, but using the Russian style, Korovin wanted to use in his paintings. Only he managed to perfectly combine modernity and tranquility of nature, warmth and cold, harmony and a riot of emotions. He doesn’t just draw, but narrates, tells a story, which is evident in the picture. In addition to the birch grove, here are people sitting at the table and their house. According to the artist, without these images the landscape would be incomplete, empty, devoid of any meaning.

In the picture "Spring" there are no clear lines or sharp transitions. Thus, the artist wanted to convey the invisible and colorless magic of nature, the revival of all living things after hibernation. The colors of objects, as well as their saturation, are fully consistent with the emotional tonality of the author.

Konstantin Korovin wrote only from nature, in the open air. Hence the purity of color and the acuity of understanding of ordinary life, which museum exhibits, written without a soul, are deprived of.

The painting "Spring" is not Korovin's first work in the genre of impressionism. Before her, in 1883, the painting "Portrait of a Chorus Girl" was painted, which became the debut for the artist in this style. In addition, she is considered the first worthy work in Russian impressionism.

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