Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Domes and Swallows”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Domes and Swallows”

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Konstantin Yuon was a unique person. He lived a very long and prosperous life. Everything in life turned into him, of course, not without diligence. Everything he aspired to - he achieved. Until the very end of the days of his life, he remained very optimistic and he embodied all the joy and happiness with love in his paintings!

One of the best works of art is a painting called "Domes and Swallows". This is a very bright and glorious page of painting of the Soviet Union. The painting was painted in 1921 on the theme of ancient cities and architectural buildings.

It was during this period of writing that the author’s talent developed in the best possible way. In the image we see a very unusual and interesting angle. It is as if the artist himself became one of the birds and soars with them in the clouds. It was as if from a flight, from above, he saw all the beauty of the earth and conveyed it to the audience with paints. The composition looks very colorful and vibrant. The canvas presents the architecture of Zagorsk, which captivates the viewer with its uniqueness.

The painter chose an unusual point of view, so for the viewer everything takes on a new unexpected look. In the background, the artist showed ordinary houses, and in the foreground - that shrine that people created. With the help of the temple in the picture, the author wanted to show us what the unity of earth and heaven should be! After all, gold-colored crosses are depicted on the canvas, they are noticeably drawn to God, and after them sinful people who want to atone for sins, and come closer to paradise.

The whole composition around rejoices, rejoices, delving into the picture, you can feel the spring warmth that the author tried to reflect, which also shows the sun, happiness and crosses that ascend only to the heavenly heaven.

Painting art is designed to give the viewer something eternal, reasonable and beautiful. This is exactly what you can get by looking at the optimistic and bright canvas of Yuon. The author not only makes you admire the architecture and nature of the ancient city of Russia, but also joins the spiritual life.

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