Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Summer Evening”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Summer Evening”

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Amazing sometimes canvases can be seen at the most famous painters. Vrubel with his mystical canvases, Savrasov, Kuindzhi, who conjured on his canvases with light and thereby made people believe that this was not a painting, but a real living picture. That's what he achieved mastery. And what about Levitan? He was a master of landscapes.

His canvas is mainly landscape sketches. So on this canvas, the artist noticed one detail of a summer evening. This is when the sun is already hiding behind the horizon and the shadow of the night, a dark shadow descends to the ground and slowly crawls along it, blackening everything around. Have you ever noticed such a phenomenon? Well, in the city this is rarely seen, but on such open spaces as on the canvas, you can see it often. Yes, almost every summer evening. If you fantasize, then these gates, as it were, release the sun and let in the night, which brings calm and cool.

The gates are open - come out day and hello night! Even the forest on the horizon gradually sinks into the shade, and small clouds appeared in the sky, which are unlikely to spawn in the rain, but they will cool in the air. So it will be chilly at night. But this is not scary, because the summer night is short - it is getting dark late - it is getting light early. So if it’s cool and chilly, you won’t catch a cold.

Yes, and fragrant hay will not let to chill. Oh, how good it is to sleep in a hay stack on a large spacious field, in complete silence! There is no such hay on the canvas, but one can suppose. The road is dusty, the distant road took the day away, then to bring it back to us again. And so from year to year, every day.

The Levitan canvas does not cause any anxiety or sadness, perhaps only nostalgia for a summer winter evening will cause this canvas. And then I’ll think about it looking at the picture: “Goodbye summer! Hello, autumn!". And then here also through this gate and autumn the rains left, and Winter came.

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