Description of the painting “Thaw” by Julius Clover

Description of the painting “Thaw” by Julius Clover

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The author wrote his picture Thaw in adulthood. At this time, the artist had already formed his own style, not like other academic landscapes. The works of this author were very popular during his lifetime and do not cease to be popular today. They always leave a pleasant impression, delight the contemplator with their colors and technique. Looking at them, the public always has an understanding of how talented their creator was.

All his creations are still very successful in the art markets.

In his painting, the author was able to depict all the colors of winter dawn. Although this picture reflects the difficult and cold season for people, the person does not have any unpleasant emotions. It is as if he himself is on this snowy road and feels winter frost.

The main object depicted in the picture was a huge tree, slowly reviving after the end of a harsh winter. Against the background of this tree, a very small old woman is depicted pulling a bag behind her shoulders. It is as if moving along a slightly thawed road along the small houses around them.

Compared to a large tall tree, the old woman looks completely tiny. White snow blanket still lies on the ground, however, it is noticeable that in some places the snow is not so winter. Spring is drawing near, and the thaw begins. Soon, nature will come to life and bloom in violent colors. The picture seems to give the viewer hope that all bad things will end soon, like this winter.

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