Description of the painting by Irina Shevandronova “In the rural library”

Description of the painting by Irina Shevandronova “In the rural library”

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The end of the 50s of the last century, winter in the Soviet village and the most treasured place for children is the village library. It is warm, cozy, interesting, and this is their favorite place.

The painting “In the Rural Library” by the young artist I. Shevondronova was written as a thesis, but this did not prevent her from becoming one of the best in her genre in Soviet painting of the 50s of the 20th century. The artist in the best traditions of socialist realism described the corner of an ordinary rural library. Visitors to this library are curious children, different in age, but the same in their love of reading. Some are already delving into the world of knowledge and reading, while others are waiting.

On the windowsill sits a neat girl, probably an excellent student, and carefully reads her book. She has a “right” and popular at the time hairstyle - two braids laid at the back. In general, I want to say that the artist, and not only in this picture, reflects in great detail and truthfully all, even minor details. So the boys, with signs of provocative village boys, are looking at a book (most likely an interesting picture) and probably discussing something.

But the main faces of the picture are a girl, and most likely her brother, waiting for a book. They are so successful as images that immediately there is a nostalgia for the good, bright and frank. Big-eyed, with rosy cheeks, with curious facial expressions and waiting for a new and welcome book. From under the heading a little embarrassed, but at the same time confident in expecting a miracle, is seen from the little reader.

The fact that the rural library is shown in winter makes both the library and its visitors more contrasting. A successful combination of colors - white, shades of gray and red, highlight the particular warmth of the picture and make its shapes soft and natural. A window with a view of the real winter also fits well into the overall idea of ​​the picture. Despite the cold outside the window is light. And this is the light of knowledge, as well as the belief in a bright life, which was sought by children who visited the library.

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