Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “The Stranger”

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “The Stranger”

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The painting by Ilya Glazunov entitled “The Stranger” was created as an illustration for the poem of the same name by A. Blok, with whom they lived at the same time, and very often intersected under different circumstances.

As can be seen in the picture, the mysterious girl is at some feast, but she clearly feels superfluous at this event. Unlike those who are in the background, but at this time create a general background and image of the picture, the girl’s face does not show a drop of joy. She is pretty, well-dressed, but her big eyes are filled with sadness, and sometimes she seems to be looking straight into your soul and listening for help because of her own hopelessness.

But, nevertheless, it is worth noting that Glazunov fulfilled the incompleteness of doubts in this image. This is due to its deep cleavage and overall beautiful image, which does not fit with the general atmosphere. Therefore, it is not completely clear how this girl got here, and what she expects in the future.

At this time, the poet describes her look as soulful and thoughtful, as if this girl dreams of high feelings, which for some reason she still has not comprehended. Her image is very light and almost weightless, this is achieved not only due to the drawing of the character itself, but also overweight, having fun faces that cause disgust that are in the background.

It is not the disclosure of the image to the end that gives it even greater mystery. At the same time, the artist lures into the game the disclosure of the image of each viewer. Details such as the rings on her left hand, her deep neckline, or the people who are around her make him finish the image himself and reveal all the secrets of this masterpiece. An illustration for a picture is best viewed along with reading verses to it, thus maximizing the integrity of perception.

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