Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Down the aisle”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Down the aisle”

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Makovsky was always preoccupied with the costumes of people, namely the princely nobility.

Women's outfits 15-17 centuries. was very bright. The shirts that were on top were always made of bright fabrics. The sleeves on such a shirt should have been decorated with particular care. On top of such an already bright shirt, it was also necessary to wear a dress on the floor. Separate collars were also especially relevant, so they could be embroidered with silk or pearls. As for the headdress "on the way out", then there are no options - a kokoshnik.

The headpiece was also sheathed with particular care. As for the richness of the garments, they are perfectly visible in most of the works of the artist Makovsky, and “Down the Line” is a vivid representation of her.

As for the picture “Down the Crown” itself, the artist directed the viewer's eyes specifically to the forefront, which presents an opportunity to discern even the slightest nuances of clothing.

Before us is the bride, who is plunged in all thoughts into the upcoming marriage, she is combed, and the girl who is at this moment just asks questions about her thoughts. The girls who crossed their arms, thereby exposed their magnificent embroidery, located on the sleeves. In this picture, you can see the crossroads of two such different and once close lives, one of which is girlhood, and the second is marriage.

Thinly plays the embroidery of the sleeves of girls who have bound their hands. And the third main character of this picture, which combs the bride’s hair, can be presented as life after marriage. She is a confident and experienced woman who has enough experience in managing the household, chores, and raising children.

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