Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Golden Autumn”

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Golden Autumn”

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Isaac Izrailevich - Soviet artist, whose work served as the basis for the artistic movement of socialist realism. He began drawing at the age of five, studied at the Art College and at the Academy of Arts. He is known for his iconic images of Lenin and carefully crafted paintings dedicated to the events of the Civil War and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Brodsky saw life in bright and varied colors, and sought to express it in his paintings. The painting "Golden Autumn" is painted in very bright colors. It is difficult to imagine such saturated colors in reality. But Brodsky makes us feel the whole atmosphere of autumn in a small village. In the foreground, trees with red-orange leaves stand out, which represents activity and vitality.

Perfectly traced openwork foliage and tree branches. A river flows at the edge of the village. Waves are carefully drawn in it. And in one place you can even see how a small house is reflected. Small figures of people go about their business, and someone admires the beautiful landscape. After all, soon the leaves will fall, and a cold winter will come. But it does not feel sad.

The painting accurately conveys the beauty of the nature of Russia. Red and orange colors revitalize the person. Weightless and cheerful mood creates the color of the road. The distant sky adds calm to the picture.

The color generalization is very specific, but it attracts the eye. I want to peer into every bit of the picture. The image is made in the spirit of symbolism and modernism. The picture is distinguished by its unique style of lyrical landscape. It combines the cunning interweaving of lines and the ornamental nature of the image. The finest nuances of the play of light and shadow are conveyed.

Currently, the picture is stored in the museum-apartment of I.I. Brodsky.

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