Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin “Shipka-Sheinovo (Skobelev near Shipka)”

Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin “Shipka-Sheinovo (Skobelev near Shipka)”

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The canvas "Skobelev over Shipka" is considered a historical picture that carries a deep meaning. Vereshchagin created a whole cycle dedicated to the battles of the Balkan campaign. It was one of the most severe wars in history between the Russian and Turkish armies in the mountains of Bulgaria. The bloodshed was based on the brutality of the authorities in the April Uprising. It was then that people learned about the plight of Christians under the rule of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Vereshchagin, as a participant in the events, recreated the day when our forces entered the city with a gallant victory. In the background is a parade at the villages of Shipki and Shestnov. Hats are thrown up according to tradition, on their faces pride and joy for a hard-won victory. And so the loud “Hurray!” Is heard to the viewer from the lips of all people. And in front of all, General M.D. is racing on a snow-white horse. Skobelev, congratulating with a wave of the hand of all his soldiers on victory in the battle.

But war cannot take place without casualties. In the center of the picture is a snowy field with many dead soldiers, curved in bizarre shapes. Vereshchagin, as it were, says that victory is too expensive. Joy and grief always go in one foot in such events.

The composition of the picture does not seem intrusive, on the contrary it is natural and understandable to everyone. The colors are harmonious among themselves, do not mix and complement each other, and most importantly, poisonous tones that press on a person are not used, not allowing to fully understand the whole situation of the plot. Without detailing, the artist achieves an incredibly clear understanding on the part of the viewer, who can easily guess himself and complete the missing details.

The canvas "Shipka-Shestnovo. Skobelev over Shipka ”shows real war heroes who shed blood for their homeland, sacrificing their lives. Neither the rank nor the rank is important here, only the courage, courage and honor of a soldier.

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