Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Mill in the field”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Mill in the field”

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An amazingly delicate picture, the canvas of the very Shishkin, who much later wrote "Bears in a pine forest", "Rye", "Dubrava" and many other well-known paintings. This canvas is among the first. And this is easy to understand, if only by the way the lower landscape is softly drawn: mown hay and sheaves from it around the mill. It should be said separately about the mills. Please note that we immediately see two mills - the one in the background and further in the depths of the landscape - but the impression is that they are parallel to each other, at equal distance.

Moreover, they are set up so that the wings catch the “wind rose” and, if it were necessary, they would begin to spin without much difficulty. But the peasants are also cunning on fabrications: in the Baltic States they put such mills that could spin around their axis, that is, catch the wind where it blows harder. Such designs of mills are in the famous mills of Spain. And in this landscape, the mills stand as if backed by large beams. Most likely, the mill is already old and probably could not withstand the pressure of the wind. So she was insured. After all, the mill for the villagers is the nurse. She mills flour, the whole wheat crop is brought to her, as a bow.

But back to the canvas. Look around ... The fields are sloping, which means that most likely this is the end of summer, the beginning of autumn. And therefore very soon the mills will start working to their full potential, so that flour will soon be ready, which will then be sold or sold in bins. But the sky plays an important role in this landscape. By the way, it is also autumn, with clouds that do not bode well. But still the sky is a little summer.

There was still this blue, which is so pleasant to us in the summer. And the forest is still green all around and forest hills can be seen in the distance.

And what’s interesting is how many such landscapes are about the crop, but there has never been such a canvas where the crop was bad. It is understandable, artists should inspire optimism in their works, but at the same time make people think, think. Looking at this canvas, you think how good it is to live in your homeland, where there are such magnificent open spaces.

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