Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Last Role"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Dali is not just one canvas. These are several paintings, which he wrote several years, or even decades before his departure to another world. Closer to 1983, he began to write less and less, working due to age became harder and harder. But still he wrote ... And this last his cycle of paintings is completely differently perceived by the public. Yes, and in concept it is different than all cycles, even more strange and mysterious and therefore makes even more fantasize and take his philosophy for his own. In fact, throughout his life he transformed his painting style - surrealism.

The canvases are at least strange and at most strongly philosophical. Not everyone succeeds in deciphering what the painter intended. The list of the series "Last Role" includes several dozen works. In the article I will also introduce a couple. For example, "The Way of the Riddle." Strange bags of grain of knowledge, probably so. And every time a riddle is solved by us, such a bag is unleashed or torn. But look, how many more such bags are here! How many more mysteries!

Another canvas from the same cycle is “Three Mysteries of the Gala”. Gala, this is the Russian muse of Dali, his wife, his model. He often portrayed her in his works. But this time, only the nose and lips, and sand, and two strange figures. Moreover, this canvas is presented here in the latest version. A rather philosophical canvas and somehow thoughts diverge in the perception of these puzzles and you just won’t understand what they are about. About beauty? About the inevitability of loss of beauty?

And the third canvas - it generally goes beyond understanding. This is most likely geometry, geometry of the soul. Although it has a rather strange name - “Dovetail”. But to understand this canvas is difficult, because it does not allow to perceive it all in reality.

The strange world of Dali both surprises and crushes, gives a flight of fantasy and makes you feel a kind of depression.

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