Description of the painting Isaac Levitan "Silence"

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan

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Isaac Levitan painted a canvas entitled “Silence” in 1898. It is worth noting that this picture is not widespread and famous, but despite this, this work of the master was almost immediately recognized as a true masterpiece of the late period of the master.

In such a period of the artist’s life, one can clearly see the addiction precisely to the twilight and dark time of the day. The same trend is visible in this picture. It is in the canvas called “Silence” that the moment of nature is captured when the day is nearing its end, but the night has not yet arrived. Before creating this masterpiece, the master worked with sketches for a long time, thanks to which he subsequently managed to convey the tranquility and naturally silence of this place.

Isaac Levitan tried to convey this silence of nature, which seems to freeze on the eve of the night. The night time has not yet begun to dominate heaven and earth and gradually brings peace. The river is completely motionless, in which the sky has time to darken with the yellow moon. On the far shore from the viewer, village houses are visible, and not far from them you can see a grove and arable land.

The master uses a fairly large assortment of colors, because of which the picture can be somewhat decorative, thanks to a successful combination of rich colors. The master uses very light and barely noticeable strokes, thanks to which he manages to convey all the slightest shades and transitions of the color scheme.

Despite the complexity of the technique in painting, the motive itself is very simple, but thanks to this technique, the artist managed to convey the beauty of nature at such a very subtle moment. This painting is like a story to the viewer about how beautiful nature is in the twilight hour.

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