Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin “Gold Sewing”

Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin “Gold Sewing”

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To begin with, it is worth noting that Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin performed a number of genre-portrait works. In these paintings, he found something subtle and unusual among ordinary residents, unremarkable, which are the main segment of any city.

In this case, the eye of the artist was attracted by an ordinary seamstress. The work, entitled "Zolotoshveyka" is a typical representative of the portrait genre. At work, all the smallest nuances and details that are drawn by the artist are very high quality and thoroughly visible.

The work is so masterfully done that not only all the details of the girl’s clothes are visible, but even every curl on her desktop. Thanks to this, the red scarf that is thrown over the shoulders of the girl, along with the gold ornament that the girl embroiders, takes on an unimaginably realistic look. The master focuses on all the working details and the table of the girl.

Together with such high-quality and surprisingly thorough detailing, Tropinin does not disregard the drawing of a female appearance. It is noticeable that the artist gravitates towards very juicy and vivid color solutions, actively plays with a palette of colors, light, and shadow, due to which it turns out to literally revive not only the image of the girl, but also the whole picture.

It can be seen that the model is a typical girl who is not ready for portraiture, but thanks to the artist’s workshop, no one will believe that she has a real model in front of her, who says that she works as a seamstress.

In fact, thanks to this, realism was achieved in all such works of Tropinin. The picture is striking in its sincerity and virgin beauty, which is especially emphasized by the depth of the eyes of a girl who is at her workplace.

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