Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “Portrait of I. A. Krylov”

Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “Portrait of I. A. Krylov”

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The painter and representative of the classical "watercolor" school Karl Bryullov, performed the most beautiful portrait of fabulist I. Krylov. At first glance, the portrait is striking in its execution and deep filling of the psychological characteristics and some poetry, which is inherent not only in the epistolary genre, but also in the artistic one. To a large extent, this all became possible thanks to the very image of the writer and his face.

As you can see, Krylov is depicted here in old age or close to this age, his puffy face speaks about this, along with locks of hair that have already managed to sit and randomly fall on the writer's forehead and forehead. Hanging eyebrows only emphasize the tension of the whole image, hanging in an endless stream of human thoughts.

The suit of the writer is not intended for an exit, it is so simple that, most likely, this is his home attire. The same can be said about how he clumsily sits on the writer, clearly not the shape of his overweight figure. It can be noted that the insignia and orders that are worn on the neck and chest of Krylov, the artist skillfully covered with a lapel of a frock coat, so the portrait does not look pompous. The only thing that is visible is the silver glint of the star, which is half covered. Even the red ribbons of the Annensky and Vladimir crosses, do not violate the positive impression of the simplicity of the performed image, not blackened dignity attributes.

Krylov’s view, which is filled with the wisdom that is inherent in the writer in life, was conveyed by the artist with especially high quality. Krylov could very elegantly express the acute moments of a social nature, hiding them under a veil of humor. It is worth adding that the portrait is unfinished, despite all its uniformity and apparent completeness.

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