Description of Konstantin Vasiliev's painting “Fortune-telling”

Description of Konstantin Vasiliev's painting “Fortune-telling”

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In front of the viewer is a picture of Vasiliev, which depicts a girl of good appearance. By the name of the painting "Fortune-telling" it is not difficult to understand what this girl is doing. Due to the fact that the candle is lit, you can understand that all this action takes place at night, as, in principle, most similar magic rites and rituals. In fact, the amazing thing is that the whole process of fortune telling is fairly accurately displayed.

The girl lit a candle, and sitting down in front of her holding her pectoral cross with her heartbeat with her right hand, she expects that the secrets of the future will be revealed to her. Looking at the fire from the candle, she tries to make out some images, and by her expression on her face it is easy to understand the hopes and worries that she whispers in the candle in the hope that everything will come true.

The girl has large, expressive eyes and a long braid, which she shouldered over her shoulder. Hair color is supposedly light blond, but due to the flickering of a candle, it is hard to make out. This image was chosen by Vasilyev not by accident, it is a typical image of a Russian beauty, who during the life of the artist, in fact, often did such things and believed that if the rite was performed correctly, you could learn a lot of interesting things about your fate.

On top of the girl’s clothes, it can be assumed that this is a sundress, but most likely her nightdress, since fortunetelling was often performed at midnight, and it is unlikely that the girl would have gathered somewhere further than her yard.

The glare of light from a candle completely illuminates her face and creates a shadow behind her. This candle symbolizes the last spark of hope that all her wishes will come true.

At the same time, it is not in vain that the artist emphasized the pectoral cross; thus, it becomes clear that the girl is humble and God-fearing, trusting in heavenly angels in the name of help.

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