Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. Birches

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. Birches

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The painting was painted by Levitan in 1899.

The artist was able to convey with tremendous power the greatest master who did not give in to the observance of the rainy season. Autumn was portrayed by him in his indescribable calm and special greatness. Visually, it can only be felt by looking at the canvas of Levitan7

Autumn completely changed all nature. All the thick summer greens were gradually washed away by the rains, the trees dressed in orange and yellow dresses. Once dense forests became translucent, completely transparent. Summer with its lush colors gave way to purple and golden autumn times.

The artist loved this time of year. He awaited him with the greatest impatience and trepidation. How many autumn days he transferred to his canvases. Almost a hundred paintings dedicated to autumn are known, and this is not reading sketches.

Each time, on the artist’s canvases, autumn appears in a new way. In this picture we see things quite familiar to us from childhood. Birch trees are still dressed in fancy bright dresses of yellow and red leaves, the wind did not manage to blow them away. The sky is so unusual that it painfully resembles the still very thin first ice on the river.

We feel how sad the days of autumn are. The leaves crumble, the grass rots, the sun still warms, but very weakly. All nature is preparing for winter.

Levitan is a master of color. How magnificent are the white trunks of birches against the background of still in some places green grass. The colors are incredibly colorful and juicy. The artist deliberately does not prescribe every blade of grass and every leaf. Before us appears a kind of haze, about which the poets said that it was “ringing”. The whole image merges into certain spots of color, creating a special mood of autumn dullness and sadness. The gray sky doesn’t enliven the landscape at all. It is rather joylessly watching the whole picture of the preparation of nature for the cold. Only graceful trunks of birch trees are a little pleasing to the eye, reviving this dull landscape.

Levitan was able to find special charm and true poetry in ordinary autumn landscapes.

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