Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “River Valley”

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “River Valley”

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Isaac Levitan is a famous Russian landscape painter. Contemporaries rightly called the artist the master of the “landscape of mood”. Levitan lived a short, tormented life. He left behind a rich collection of Russian landscapes, which are popular abroad.

The artist's works are imbued with a reverent love for his native land, and also embody the true Russian beauty in all its splendor. The painting "River Valley" refers to the most fruitful period in his work. It was at the end of the 19th century that he painted his most famous canvases, such as: “March”, “Golden Autumn”, “Nenufary”. Subsequently, they were bought by Pavel Tretyakov for his gallery.

Levitan loved autumn most of all, this is noticeable in his canvases. Levitan painted over 100 autumn landscapes and sketches. The valley of the river - a study written by a pastel accurately conveys the mood of an autumn day. No wonder Isaac Levitan captured on the canvas a river that lazily runs into the distance, filled with torrential rains.

The river has always been a source of pride for Russians. More than once, artists turned their eyes toward this powerful element, which was the source of life, and later arrived. But the river that Levitan depicted in his sketch brings peace and tranquility. Only water, combined with the sky, could express the fullness of feelings that overwhelmed the soul of the artist.

The sky, with its unusually color and light fullness, carries a secondary piling up of the storyline, creating an atmosphere of expectation.

The artist reliably accurately conveyed the beauty of the Russian wilderness. In the foreground, we see a birch grove painted with autumn flowers. What is striking in his work is the incredibly subtle vision of what is happening.

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