Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Explosion of the ship"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Ivan Aivazovsky was born in Feodosia, located on the seashore, and was in love with Him until the end of his life.

Over the course of a long and extremely successful creative life, having survived two generations of artists, until the very last days he managed to maintain his youthful greed for learning the Beauty of the Sea and searching for more and more virtues in it.

... Even to the already created wonderful Creations, already internationally recognized by contemporaries (the very fact of such recognition during the life of the Artist is an indicator of the Greatness and Uniqueness of his Creativity) I. Ayvazovsky, returned to his very last days again and again in order to try to Improve the already recognized by all the world, as Brilliant!

“Explosion of the ship” - the last unfinished picture of I. Aivazovsky, interrupted by the death of a Genius. She is the most striking example of his ever-increasing demandingness, even to the already created and recognized great work, expressed in the search for new solutions, views, as well as sketches of future works not according to nature, but in accordance with his fantastic imagination and understanding, a Sense of Beauty and the Forces of the Sea.

So, for the painting “The Explosion of the Ship”, the Artist briefly wrote three versions of the sketch of the composition - in vertical and horizontal rectangles, and almost completed the work. In the central part of the picture, the ship is in puffs of smoke and embraces of fire, in the halo of broken-off broken bays of masts, masts and other ship devices. The master managed to contour depict a boat with Greek patriotic rebels moving away from the ship.

A mountainous island with city buildings at the foot of the mountains is also traced. The completion of the canvas, most likely, was postponed "for tomorrow", however, during sleep there was an "explosion" of the heart of one of the great people of the 19th century.

In April 1900, the last Day of the Artist's Life and Creativity ended.

Autumn Day Sokolniki

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