Description of Boris Kustodiev’s painting “Frosty Day”

Description of Boris Kustodiev’s painting “Frosty Day”

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The painter depicted a small town. In the foreground we see a janitor sweeping snow. To the left sleds rush. The viewer feels the breath of the Russian winter and the burning of mischievous frost. This is precisely the way of Russian life that Kustodiev portrayed with incredible skill.

Kustodiev very often depicted fun festivities. Favorite themes of his paintings are festivals, fairs and various holidays. The artist is very fond of the traditions of the people, in their search he constantly turns to the peasantry and merchants. He loved to portray the provinces. This picture was no exception.

Kustodiev loved Russia. He did not care whether she was calm or restless. The past of the country attracted him with great strength, but at the same time it was he who incredibly vividly responded to all the events of our time.

The artist used incredibly bright colors in the picture. Sometimes it even seems that they are slightly unnatural. The viewer does not just see, he practically perceives this sunny day, characteristic of winter. How rich is the palette of such a frosty day. This canvas creates the most joyful mood. In a seemingly quite everyday picture, a lot of really magnificent is hidden. To see him, you need to be a real master. But one must possess even greater skill in order not only to capture it in the picture, but also to convey the general mood and purpose to the audience.

The picture is not just static. We feel its extraordinary dynamism. It is this movement that the three transmit, which fervently rushes along the street of a small winter town. Kustodiev has nothing accidental. Every detail in his picture not only carries a huge semantic load. She helps to understand the whole purpose of this magnificent picture. It is from the small details that the ringing charm of winter nature comes together.

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