Description of the painting by Hans Holbein "Henry 8"

Description of the painting by Hans Holbein

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Hans Holbein paid much attention to the transfer of the plastic properties of objects, the formation of light. He was attracted to materials that were made from the things he depicted. He very skillfully conveyed accessories, clothes that surround a person in the picture. He entered the history of painting as a very large master of portraiture.

When there were religious wars, Holbein moved to England. And there for many years he served at the court as a court painter. His work “Portrait of Henry VIII” is the only portrait of the work of this master that has survived to this day.

King Henry VIII of England is a very controversial figure. He was very capable in the sciences, music. He knew how to play several instruments, he had a beautiful voice. During the 38 years of his reign, many memorable events have occurred, and above all, by the fact that he had six wives, he ordered two of them beheaded.

On the suit of the king’s button, jewelry is made of gold, and the background was created with the very precious blue pigment (ultramarine) in those days.

Still not knowing who is depicted in the picture, one can immediately see by his pose, clothes, jewelry that a very distinguished person is depicted. The king was of a large physique. He has a very proud, straight posture, holds a glove in a half-bent hand, there are rings on both hands. In his eyes, one can guess the mind, the strength of character, a certain life experience. His very face reflects little of any emotions, which may indicate his slight secrecy.

His tight and thin lips indicate that he is a vain man, quickly striving to achieve what he wants. Such a person is always serious about his intentions.

The lower lip is thicker than the upper, which indicates the ability to convince, the ability to focus on business. They say that they like more deeds, fewer words.

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