Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Bathers”

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Bathers”

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The painting "Bathers" is attributed to the synthetic period of the artist's life, when he already revealed his style and began to actively develop it.

At the beginning of his career, Cezanne did not seek to paint in the traditional style, involving the drawing and observation of nature. Being a bright and extraordinary nature, he wrote people and their passion, which was on the verge of dissonance with the whole world of nature, almost upsetting the balance. The enlarged figures, drawn with confident strokes, speak about the character of the artist more than he wanted.

At the peak of his career, Cezanne begins to understand the charm of naturalness and tranquility. His paintings begin to be smooth and gentle, but the color scheme does not change. Watching the behavior of people, the master decides to create a cycle dedicated to bathers and bathers. This topic was not chosen by chance. Water personifies calmness, harmony, emotional feeling. Having entered the water, each person seems to be immersed in the bosom of nature, wanting to stay longer. Freedom and lyricism allows the plot to be conveyed through the gestures and poses of bathers. The lines of female bodies are smooth and lush.

The artist glorifies the natural beauty, which will soon be replaced by an artificial style. Girls personify fertility and blooming spring with its gifts.

The color is chosen unusually, but it is he who allows you to feel the freedom and ease of the situation.

Girls as if did not notice the gaze directed at them, remaining joyful and friendly. The composition resembles a circle in which nature is included. The ordinary moment of man is conveyed as a moment of pleasure and oneness with nature. Green-yellow blotches allow you to distinguish trees with curls curling over the girls, like hair. The similarity of people and nature is not accidental, the artist does not separate one from the other. The number of women speaks of a connection with flora and fauna. Recalling that everything is earthly, the creation of the hands of God.

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