Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin “Violin”

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin “Violin”

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Petrov-Vodkin was a Russian cultural figure, painter and also a theater decorator.

In his work, he turned to the motives of religion, the pathos of the revolutionary struggle. The gold fund of the art of the Soviet era included many of his works in the genre of still life. He worked a lot in this genre in 1918 - 1920, when he created several beautiful paintings. So in 1918 he painted the painting “Violin”, which belongs to this genre. This picture shows love for the spiritualized, for music, as a way to escape from reality, and also depicts that real everyday gray life with the help of houses and other details.

The author said that still lifes are one of the hot topics during the conversation between the painter and nature, he compared them with violin sketches. At first glance, the picture depicts simple objects, but with the help of a peculiar vision of the artist, they help create a special world, poetically transforming reality.

The violin is placed at the window, numerous roofs and courtyards of the city can be seen behind it, with the help of its graceful silhouette the musical instrument depicts this sad world, and receives a minor color from it.

This piece permeates a single intense feeling that emanates from the musical instrument depicted and the landscape outside the window.

Now this work is stored in the State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg.

The main feature of the creative thinking of the creator was just the comprehension of the universal laws of existing forms in time and space and the desire to live a "living life".

To destroy the static perception of reality, the artist was engaged in building prospects for the future, as if trying to view the image from various angles.

Each of his paintings carries a certain meaning.

Two frets

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