Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “The Feast of Venus”

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “The Feast of Venus”

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That's where Rubens revealed in all its glory !!! This is where you can carefully see his signature "Rubens" style of the image of the female body. In almost all of his paintings, some women are too overweight, slightly plump. But this applies not only to the female body, but to everyone else. Look at some fat and pretty little angels here. There are many of them and they are all happy about the goddess Venus, the goddess of love.

In a frantic round dance, not only angels circle, but also deities or demigods who came to the feast. Someone comes with his gifts, lays at the feet of Venus and enters into a round dance. Love is everywhere, celebration is everywhere. He is apparently so cheerful that one of the angels even managed to get tired, and flew up to the fountain to get drunk. Angels make a garland of fruits and vegetables, angels make round dances, angels sit on a hill and kiss. Everywhere these little brisk demigods.

In the middle of the crowd, she stands, the hero of the occasion, bashfully covering her charms with her hands. Strange, isn't it? Here around her a complete shameless bacchanalia cope, and she stands, bashfully covering herself and smiling sweetly. By the way, I would not want to call these slightly plump women nymphs, they were elegant and quite graceful ... And here the fat fleshy women - it's rude, but it is! - shamelessly rush in a round dance with the fauns.

Well, if we discard all the nuances, then Rubens created almost the most fun, simple-minded picture, where everything is full of joy and fun. It is necessary to consider at what time he created it. It was the time of the beginning of strict morality. When anything else that did not fit the moral of the church was considered harmful and diabolical. It’s amazing how the paintings of this great flagship reached us. He often deviated from morality, explaining this by the fact that in ancient times a naked body was not considered a sin.

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