Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "River Bank"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Savrasov is an amazing landscape painter. It would seem that this is what is depicted on the canvas? Just a riverbank, which is open to space, but a little further begins a mixed forest. And just where the river seemed to open, a herd of cows appeared on its shore and went down to the water itself, to a watering place. And very close to the shepherds, they make sure that all the cows get drunk, and then again drive to the pasture. That's actually the whole event of the canvas, but ... The main thing in the landscape is nature. But here it is interestingly presented.

At the very front edge is lush green grass on the ground and in the water. And the forest is presented to us as something dark, brown, only the tops of the ever-green Christmas trees remained in their natural color. Only the top is green, but below everything is dark. And of course, the sky.

A stunningly traced sky, with clouds where rain is possibly hidden. Maybe that's why the shepherds are in a hurry and want to quickly bring the herd onto the road so that they can return to the village. May be so. Well, the river here is not the last in the landscape - it is neither big nor small, its course is not too strong, but the blue waters are amazing. True, the river is already overgrown with grass and mud near the shore, and this at least leads to a swamp state. And the banks of the river are almost steep - this is also a hint of a quick shallowing, although it is not a fact that this will happen.

It must be recalled that it was Savrasov who first became a skilled landscape painter. He first began to paint landscapes, without exaggerating the significance of something ...

Just a landscape with its own story. It was then others - Shishkin, Kuindzhi and so on ... And he was the first to paint Russian landscapes, to describe Russian land. Of course, the rest were getting closer to its level, but it should be noted that the very Kuindzhi nevertheless described the lands of Little Russia and Ukraine better. Shishkin and Levitan equally succeeded in landscapes, both of our open spaces, and Italian. And Savrasov remained faithful to Russian landscapes until the end of his life. And this canvas is considered his best landscape.

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