Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov "Waiting"

Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov

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One of the wonderful still lifes of this unusual, broad-minded artist. The picture belongs to the cycle “Things of people” and depicts a polished table in front of a window on which stands a tall black telephone. The telephone is off-hook and lies next to it. Both the telephone and the handset are surrounded by a serpentine crimped black cord. In the background is a window, behind which there is a gray, boundless dampness, it is raining. Water jets flow down the glass, making the image in the window unrecognizable, blurry.

All the attention in the picture is riveted to the phone. He personifies the expectation. Waiting ... But why? Perhaps this is an important conversation, during which someone's fate is decided? Or was it a quarrel between two hearts in love, after which the pipe was angrily thrown to at least somehow remove its inner resentment and bitterness? And perhaps, on the contrary, a conversation took place from which someone learned so good news that he dropped the phone in joy, forgetting to put it in place. There are many options, the author of the picture created such a multifaceted story that every person looking at a still life can take this story to his account and find out his situation in it.

However, the gray and black and white tones of the picture still make me a little sad. Also, rain complements the overall sadness of the image. It seems completely endless, because outside the window there is not even a hint of a clear sky. From this, the lonely lying handset of the phone makes one think of something heavy, dreary and sad.

The artist very clearly painted all the highlights reflected in the surface of the polished table. This shiny, as if wet table cover is very harmoniously combined with the wet landscape outside the window, creating a general and integral picture. I must say that the still life turned out so that you can write more than one essay and essay. Because everyone will see in him his understanding of what is happening.

The Thinker Roden

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