Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “Boat on the shore”

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “Boat on the shore”

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The painting “Boat on the Shore” was painted by I. This unusually beautiful oil painting is stored in the regional museum of Omsk, named after Mikhail Vrubel. Despite the seeming simplicity of the landscape, the painting is beautifully written, Levitan's mastery is shown here at the highest level.

In the painting “Boat on the Shore” the viewer sees a simple seascape: shore, water, mountainous terrain behind. But this simplicity fascinates those who look at the canvas, because Levitan always worried and conquered the beauty of the world around him, he wanted to portray it as vividly as possible.

In the foreground of the canvas is a sandy sea shore with a light shade. On the shore there is a wooden boat chained to a peg. Behind her, men are seen walking into the distance. Perhaps these are the fishermen who arrived at the house on this very small boat. The middle of the canvas is water. It contrasts with the light shade of sand. The water on the canvas is depicted in deep blue, but calm. The day should be running out, workers are returning home, and the sea does not shine in the sun. In the background of the picture you can see the green slopes of the hills, the bright threads of the roads leading to human habitation.

The picture conveys to the viewer a sense of calm, tranquility, idyll. Fishermen returning home are waiting for a hot dinner. The coast is calm, only slight slight ripples are present on the water. The audience also wants to be here and take a walk on the sand, breathing the sea air.

The landscape “Boat on the shore” is dominated by warm, light tones and shades. Only the side of the boat, which is in the shade, is painted dark brown, close to black. In general, the picture looks optimistic, which the famous landscape painter did not always succeed.

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