Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Noon”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Noon”

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Nikolay Krymov vividly demonstrates his style and his vision of a seemingly ordinary and unremarkable village and rural life. In fact, this is due solely to the fact that, by himself, the artist is a vivid representative of the city dweller, so he could see that natural beauty of nature that his predecessors could not notice.

In the picture “Noon”, the viewer has the opportunity to consider all the beauty of the countryside. We see a village house next to which is some kind of building, which apparently is a barn or utility room. Near this utility room there is a woman, she is a little hunched over and goes about her business. Near the bank of the river, which almost completely surrounded the possessions of an elderly couple.

Grandfather is sitting by the riverbank and seems to be fishing. At a distance, large willows are scattered that hang their branches down to the water. It is no accident that the artist uses precisely such faded colors in order to focus on the sun, which is at its zenith, with glare. In the reflection of the sun in the water, it is clearly visible that it is at the very top. Through the use of yellowish shades, the master successfully conveys the whole atmosphere.

In the background are visible fields that are also completely flooded with sunny color and a yellowish tint. The trees themselves and the rest of the greens have a fairly large number of different shades of green.

The master conveys very well the atmosphere of a sultry day, all thanks to the same effects, due to which the mighty willows stretch to the water and the unhurriedness of the whole picture, which with all its appearance speaks of the scorching sun, but despite this, the canvas is full of energy and vitality .

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