Description of the painting by Anthony Van Dyck "Marie-Louise de Tassis"

Description of the painting by Anthony Van Dyck

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Van Dyck gravitated to painting portraits, especially he loved to paint portraits exclusively of nobles, dignitaries. As for the portrait of Maria Louise de Tassis, it is the top of perfection. At the moment, in all of Europe, this particular female portrait is the most famous and popular. Turning directly to the portrait itself, one cannot fail to appreciate the filigree with which the master prescribes small details of the costume, jewelry and other things.

Peering into the picture, it is clear that, despite the uniqueness and complexity of the portrait, the artist’s strokes are quite free and dynamic, the painting remains free, even with wide writing. Thanks to such a complex technique, but simple in concept, the artist manages to convey precisely the inner world, the emotional state, the experiences of the portrait. It can be seen that the canvas is full of life, and just shines from the riot of colors.

Despite the simple pose of Marie-Louise, imposing looks are visible in all her gaze, and her noble roots, which allow her to look somewhat higher than everyone else. Apparently, the portrait was painted from nature, for which the artist perfectly conveys the play of color and shadow. I especially want to note the writing of a pen and some elements of clothing that are literally photographed, because you can consider even the smallest nuances and details.

Thanks to this writing, the portrait looks especially lively, and it is not surprising that the artist received constant orders to paint portraits of people from high society. Despite the chic clothes portrayed, she did not bore herself with exquisite jewelry, two crosses and a bead are enough. After all, this genus is already quite famous, therefore, there is no need for an additional emphasis; it is not known whether the master or the person portrayed decided so.

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