Description of the painting by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin “Mushroom pickers”

Description of the painting by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin “Mushroom pickers”

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This picturesque picture, like most of Shishkin’s landscapes, carries with it the main idea of ​​the beauty of Russian nature. The author is characterized by a very strong emphasis in works on nature, on trees, fog, sky and so on. The mother and son present in the picture add charm to her. Looking at the morning walk of such bold and hardworking mushroom pickers, you involuntarily feel tenderness. However, their presence in the landscape bears a character rather complementary to the main idea than the main one.

In this landscape, as in all other works of the artist, all the smallest details are clearly traced, starting from the flowers of the grass growing along the path and ending with the clouds in the sky. Incredibly realistic, lively and natural picture. Looking at her, it seems as if you are there and feeling the fresh morning coolness of the summer forest, you hear the twittering of early birds, you inhale the intoxicating aroma of clean air, saturated with the smell of pine needles.

The sky is depicted a little gloomy, with many cloudy white clouds. One feels a bit mysterious mood of nature: it seems like it is going to rain, but at the same time, it is likely that the sky will clear up with sunrise. On the path of mushroom pickers, the author arranged a puddle left over from the rainfall the day before. Even the reflection of the foliage of trees in the dirty water of a puddle is depicted quite accurately, colorful and natural.

It is difficult to imagine a more natural image of nature than in Shishkin’s paintings. A real talented “king of the forest”, as fans of landscape art call him. And the picture "Mushroom pickers" is no exception. Trees with noisy crowns from the wind, dense thickets of grass with and without flowers, a trodden path along which mother and son go to collect mushrooms, a puddle in their path, broken branches lying on the path, the morning sky - all this is merged into incredible true landscape, written by Shishkin.

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