Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev "After the rain"

Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev

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Painter Fyodor Vasilyev in his life painted many landscapes that were recognized by his contemporaries. The artist creates the picture “After the Rain” in 1869. Now it is exhibited in Moscow, in one of the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery.

At first glance, the simple landscape “After the rain” attracts the viewer with the splendor of nature, tranquility and freshness. Fyodor Vasilyev was especially masterfully able to convey through the inconspicuous landscape all the grandeur, mystery and magic of mother nature.

Looking at the canvas, the viewer can feel the freshness of the air after the rain has just passed. The air in the picture is supposedly humid. The artist surprisingly clearly managed to convey the atmosphere of a summer day after a good rainfall. It can be seen that the whole road is covered with puddles and washed out, it is now difficult for wagons and horses passing through it. A large amount of water accumulated in the roadside ditches, which means the rain was heavy. In the background, the peering sun is visible.

In the foreground of the canvas, the viewer sees a blurry rural road riding a wagon with hay along it. The cart is drawn by two horses, peasants are sitting on it. Along the edges of the road you can see trees refreshed from moisture, some of them are lying, broken by a strong wind. Most of the canvas is occupied by the image of the sky. Vasiliev always pays great attention to the sky in his works. Most of the sky is bright blue. Its lower part is bright from the rays of the emerging sun.

The picture "After the rain" leaves a joyful, exciting impression in the soul of the viewer. The canvas pleases with its freshness, because nature is renewed by rain, greens are filled with life-giving moisture. The picture is like a living one, it seems as if the horses are moving now, and the breeze will move the drying leaves of the trees. The artist was very fond of Russian nature and with all his love transferred it to the canvases.

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