Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Still Life. Jug and fruits "

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Still Life. Jug and fruits

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The canvas painted by Paul Cézanne, entitled "Still Life Jug and Fruits" shows how on the table, a rather white sheet is laid rather sloppy, on which fruits are laid and a jug is standing.

It is worth noting that the artist is quite easily written and does not go against the general contrast and technical composition. As for the color scheme, it can be noted that it has a fairly neutral color and consists of white, yellow, and in some places red colors.

All the tones used by the master are very warm, despite the fact that the picture is becoming intermittent, precisely due to such strokes, it acquires a certain dynamism. At the same time, the canvas seemed to be divided horizontally, from the bottom of the canvas you can see a certain juiciness of colors and warm contrast, while the upper and left parts have a colder atmosphere, which is facilitated by the presence of a jug.

Thus, there is a very clear contrast between a cold jug and warm fruits. It is worth noting the artist’s masterful letter, thanks to which you can even notice barely noticeable bends of the canvas, so that the whole image becomes as realistic as possible. It is also seen that a lot of work has been done on the reflexes of tones and interaction with the shadow. If you look closely, you will see that almost every object depicted in the figure casts a barely noticeable shadow.

Using the high level of his technology, the master managed to transfer the smallest transitions of one shade of paint to another, and to do it very efficiently and almost invisibly at first sight. Thus, the perfection and ideality of geometric figures is accurately conveyed, you can feel their volume and even to some extent three-dimensionality. The artist unobtrusively plays with visualization of objects, due to which a unique texture is achieved.

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