Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Near the coast. Boats

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Near the coast. Boats

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Isaac Levitan, despite the difficult fate, wrote a lot and left a legacy of many landscapes of magnificent beauty. All his works are expressive, they emanate from love for the Motherland. A simple plot of the landscape speaks of Levitan's respect for the nature of his native land.

In the painting “Off the coast. Boats ”Levitan depicted a quiet summer day. The sky is not visible on the canvas, but it is clear that the sun is high, it is reflected in a small ripple of waves.

In the foreground of the picture are three wooden boats standing on a sandy beach. On the side of them are large wooden walkways. The rest of the space is water. It seems to be endless. When you look at the picture, you want to think about life, its calm rhythm. Water is simple, like nature itself, there is no evil, flattery and lies surrounding the artist in life. The river is quiet on this day, only a small ripple violates its solemn calm. On the canvas, the artist did not portray a single person, emphasizing the silence and tranquility of the moment.

Levitan is a true master of the landscape, his paintings are as if alive. He shows nature in its smallest details, in all its versatility. Blue water, which occupies most of the composition, is beautiful. Small waves sparkling in the sun, and beckon to plunge into it or ride on an empty boat on the shore. The absence of the sky depicted in the picture gives a sense of the infinity of the water.

Levitan uses in the landscape “Off the coast. Boats »warm shades of the color scheme, without bright spots. This technique makes the work calm, warm and sincere. The tan sand seems warm, warming the soul and body, because it is the native Russian land. The product Levitan wanted to make the viewer think about the eternal, about the meaning of life and being. The water in the picture makes the viewer think that life is fleeting, but nature is eternal.

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