Description of the series of paintings by Mikaloyus Konstantinas Čiurlionis "Signs of the Zodiac"

Description of the series of paintings by Mikaloyus Konstantinas Čiurlionis

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The end of the 20th century in painting is characterized by the formation of symbolism and neo-romanticism. During this period, the flowering of creativity of the Lithuanian artist Mikaloyus Konstantinas Čiurlionis begins. The artworks delight with their mystery and persuasiveness. But a special quality is the original art form. The works by their nature resemble the European current of symbolism. The difference of Čiurlionis from other aesthetes is that the painter strove to create new plastic forms and patterns.

The masterpiece "Signs of the Zodiac" is an epochal challenge to the period of neo-romanticism. The summer of 1906 is considered the date of the creation of the work cycle. A series of "Zodiac Signs" expresses the harmony and grandeur of the universe. The artist begins to worry about allegorical thoughts characterized by perpetual motion. The cycle of paintings begins with the sign Aquarius, the creator relies on the calendar of the ancient world. A common property for all zodiac signs is their image on the canvas. The harmony of the composition makes a special impression on the viewer.

The artist assigns to his works separate groups of winter, spring, autumn and summer. For each sign, there is a characteristic feature. Ciurlionis does not hesitate to note the usefulness of his paintings, as I am sure that the viewer is deeply immersed in the higher worlds, looking at the artist’s works. Zodiac Signs is a collection of cosmic images that give the impression of lightness and thoughtfulness.

Criticism is very loyal to the work of the artist Čiurlionis, despite his deviation from reality. He is awarded a place between abstractionism and symbolism, where the painter singles out a system of space. Art connoisseurs understand that the work of юрiurlionis must be watched with understanding, without looking for unnecessary elements of reality. The language transition in the artist’s paintings is always clear and full of world harmony.

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